If this is an emergency, call 9-911


Research experiments performed in the College of Pharmacy will follow all university policies and regulations.Ensuring a safe laboratory environment is the P.I.ís responsibility.


A subset of relevant regulations are found in the following web sites:

Hazardous materials and chemicals:

Radiation safety:

Laboratory safety:




Procedure to report unsafe laboratory situations:


         In life-threatening situations or where material damage is likely to occur, the police or other emergency personnel must be contacted immediately (706-542-2200).

         In the event of chemical spills, the Environmental Safety Division must be contacted immediately (706-542-5801).

         In the event of radiation spills, the Radiation Safety Office must be contacted immediately (706-542-5801).

         Following the contact of these groups or in non-critical situations, the Facilities Coordinator (Ken Schroder, 706-542-5295) and the College Safety Officer (Cory Momany, 706-542-5370, cell 706-296-9617) must be contacted.



Some useful documents:

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         COP Laboratory Self-Checklist

         Appropriate choices of gloves for chemicals

         Basic Safety for Graduate Students



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